EnneaFest 2022 will have professional teachers, contributors and cutting edge presenters from the global Enneagram community. The contributors will be bringing you a range of workshops to choose from, experiential and more traditional, spread across two days.

Find out more about the contributors below:


Martin works with international leaders on executive and organisational development across the globe. He founded a consulting firm in 1995 and collaborates with renowned International Business Schools.


He uses his expertise as a concert-level cellist, composer and author of several Enneagram books to unearth the full potential of his clients.


As a music producer and still active musician (cello and piano) he connects his management know-how with his passion for music and has developed the concept of LEADERSHIP BY MUSIC connecting the arts and business (particularly music and leadership).


Susan Olesek


An unapologetic idealist, Susan Olesek is a Human Potentialist in passionate pursuit of what is possible for people.


As a consultant Susan has facilitated Fortune 500 clients in the work of self-development for over a decade, but it was an opportune visit to a Texas prison that changed the trajectory of her life forever. In 2012 she founded the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP), a burgeoning California Bay Area non-profit offering self-awareness education and self-regulation training to those incarcerated.

With an ambitious vision to see her favourite transformational tool in every corner of society, EPP is now programming from San Quentin State Prison to Australia, the UK, Belgium and beyond. Ultimately Susan has a dream of changing our collective vision of Social Justice in the long term through teaching the incarcerated and having returning citizen graduates of the program (EPP Ambassadors) teach us about the prison of our own personality.Susan believes wholeheartedly in everyone and anyone willing to take an honest look at themselves to make deep and lasting changes starting from the inside out.


Helen is a coach, healer, group facilitator and organisation consultant with a 30-year career in people development and change.  And for 20 years, the Enneagram has played a key part.  US-certified with Helen Palmer and David Daniels she is a faculty member with ‘Enneagram Training’, providing licensed professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK.  Helen is also an active professional member and presenter with the International Enneagram Association.  She works alongside leading Enneagram professionals including Beatrice Chestnut, on the much-loved ‘Dante Florence and The Enneagram’.  

Helen works regularly with corporates and SMEs, leadership teams and individuals, bringing Enneagram-inspired coaching and consulting to enable

Helen is a coach, healer, group facilitator and organisation consultant with a 30-year career in people development and change.  And for 20 years, the Enneagram has played a key part.  US-certified with Helen Palmer and David Daniels she is a faculty member with ‘Enneagram Training’, providing licensed professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK.  Helen is also an active professional member and presenter with the International Enneagram Association.  She works alongside leading Enneagram professionals including Beatrice Chestnut, on the much-loved ‘Dante Florence and The Enneagram’.  

Helen works regularly with corporates and SMEs, leadership teams and individuals, bringing Enneagram-inspired coaching and consulting to enable

Sue Braithwaite

Sue is a seasoned coach, supervisor and group facilitator who has worked with leaders in the commercial and third sectors for over twenty years, supporting them through transformative personal, team and corporate change. Beginning her career pharmaceutical outsourcing, Sue held international management roles based in Europe and the US. Subsequent consulting brought cross-sector experience with clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to blue chips in financial services, pharma, higher education, legal and professional services, international charities and not-for-profit organisations. 

Her work now combines leadership coaching for individuals and groups, the design and delivery of developmental workshops for multi-functional, multi-cultural teams, and teaching coaching.

Sue has a Theology degree from Oxford and is a certified Integral Development Coach with New Ventures West. A member of the teaching faculty at Thirdspace and New Ventures West, Sue trained in Coaching Circles [Impact Coaching] and is on the teacher training track with The Narrative Enneagram. She is a PCC credentialed member of the International Coach Federation.  In a voluntary capacity, Sue serves as Chair of Trustees for Myriad, a charity supporting people with severe physical and learning disabilities.  Not separate from the above are Sue’s keen interests in environmental politics, contemplative spirituality and environmentally conscious building and living.


Rosemary Cowan


With a background in the health sector and in advertising, Rosemary Cowan worked as a qualitative research specialist before switching focus in 2010 to her Psychotherapy work and Enneagram Trainings.


She has a BA Hons in English and Philosophy; an MA in Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy,  a Diploma in Couples' Counselling and is qualified to Supervise other therapists; she qualified as an Enneagram professional in the Narrative Tradition in 2003 and uses the Enneagram to guide individuals, couples, groups and teams to develop their fullest potential in both their personal and professional lives.


Liz West

Liz West works as an Enneagram trainer, qualifying with Enneagram Worldwide in 2015.


Having been personally impacted by the Enneagram, Liz now uses her knowledge to lead workshops, groups and leadership teams, as well as one to one coaching with those who are using the Enneagram in their work and personal lives.


Having started her work life as a social worker, Liz has since been involved in leadership development in different forms, originally developing peer leadership amongst young people where her book ‘The D Factor’ was published in 2002.


She has helped to establish four different charities in the process of her career with adult leadership development, working with innovative models of church and also people at key moments of change in their lives.


Zitta de Fries

Zitta de Fries, a choreographer with 35 years of experience in theatre, television, and movies, works with the best actors, directors, and performers and she has been part of the creative force behind more than 100 musicals, shows and TV productions in Denmark, basing much of her work on the Enneagram principles of personality.


She is Founder of DREAMCatcher, Body Business and The Enneagram LIVE! She is a dancer, international speaker, performance coach and trainer. When choreographing and directing with the Enneagram in mind, Zitta helps artists relax into a state of higher consciousness and creative energy.


The nine Enneagram types each have a pathway to the creative essence – and a focus in daily life, that inspire us to look at our art from a new angle. The Enneagram LIVE! is frequently used by numerous national and international Enneagram educational institutes.


Teresa Daniels


Teresa Daniels (B.Sc. PGCE) is a qualified teacher in post-16 education and has lectured on psychology and health, as well as being a trained counsellor and mBIT coach. She has been a student of the Enneagram for over 10 years and is a certified teacher in the Narrative tradition. She is particularly interested in the transmission of the Enneagram in the 21st Century.


Over the past year she has been collecting data from teachers and students to evaluate the effectiveness of virtual learning to objectively establish both its effectiveness, and limitations, in meeting the needs of the students. Teresa is part of the Enneafest and the Enneagram Alive teams and runs the Facebook group Enneagram Events, where she collects and promotes high quality Enneagram teaching from around the world.


Colette Luscomb

Colette Luscomb, M.Ed, LMHC is currently the Chief of the Employee Assistance Service at RAF Menwith Hill near Harrogate, UK.


She has been a counsellor for 25 years, and provides counselling services to employees and family members affiliated with the base, in addition to facilitating psychoeducational workshops.


First introduced to the Enneagram in 2005, she completed the Enneagram Professional Training program in 2009.  Since then, she has also attended trainings with Richard Rohr, Beatrice Chestnut, and Ginger Lapid-Bogda among others.

Since 2009, she has been using the Enneagram in counselling to enable personal and spiritual development, and running Enneagram training workshops for individuals and teams several times a year; more than 1000 individuals have attended these Enneagram workshops to date.   Colette believes firmly that the Enneagram is one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation available, and is loves teaching it because it is fun, and enlightening immediately, while providing an endless source for growth and personal development as individuals continue studying and observing.


Angela Scott


Angela has worked in senior capacities at some of Europe’s leading diagnostics companies. She now applies her experience of working in complex technology fields, in small and large companies and in government bodies to leadership coaching, team development and communications strategy.


She holds a degree in Biochemistry from Southampton University and trained at London Business School in business management. She first encountered the Enneagram in 1991 and has been led by its principles ever since. In becoming a coach, she embarked on the EPTP training pathway with Enneagram Training UK in 2015 and has attended courses with Helen Palmer, with EIBN and Ginger Lapid-Bogda (Train the Trainer, Coaching with the Enneagram).

As a leadership and business coach, Angela is a firm believer that leadership is not only having a brilliant business head. One of the biggest challenges facing leaders/managers is the increasing need to have an exceptional all-round business skill set coupled with a highly developed level of emotional intelligence (EQ) to manage people effectively and sensitively through the humdrum of everyday business but also through diversity and change. Her programmes teach leaders to identify their own strengths and motivators and to use this knowledge to hone their skills to achieve maximum success with their teams.


Heather Brown

Heather Brown has worked in all branches of management development consultancy, programme design and delivery, designing and facilitating team effectiveness and change management workshops, talent and career management and executive coaching.

After teaching in Further and Tertiary Education, she became a Senior Internal Consultant for Telstra (the Australian equivalent of BT), running workshops to enhance team effectiveness and for individual development.


She encountered the Enneagram in 2001 and became a certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition in 2004. She is a core faculty member

and Director with Enneagram Training, which runs the Narrative Tradition Enneagram Professional Training Programme in the UK/Ireland. She has a Masters in Personal and Organisational Development and a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching.


She facilitates workshops and coaches using the Enneagram in the corporate and voluntary sectors, and for people on personal/spiritual journeys. She has co-authored, edited and translated several mainstream Enneagram books.


She is particularly interested in the integration of psychological, spiritual and somatic aspects to aid development journeys, and incorporates many somatic practices from her work as a Shiatsu practitioner in her work.


Therese Ryan

Therese Ryan is a coach, teacher and facilitator living in Sligo in the north west of Ireland. An Iyengar yoga teacher she has been practising yoga for twenty years and teaches classes to adults.


She attended her first Enneagram workshop in 2001 and is in the final stages of training as an Enneagram trainer. Therese is also a Certified Focusing Professional and uses focusing to teach people to connect to their body wisdom.


Much of her work centres around helping people develop practices which help them become acquainted with and release limiting patterns, and bring them in touch with their potential for growth.

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Christine Adames


The Enneagram Prison Project (EPP) is delivered in the UK through a newly formed charity called The Enneagram Inside led by Christine Adames. During the past 40 years Christine has co-founded four charities all focussed on working with individuals on the margins of society. She is an Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and Grief Recovery Specialist, mbit Master coach and trainer.

She has been an independent change enabler for 20 years working with individuals, teams and organisations providing coaching and change management services, with a focus on owner/directors of SMEs as well as the charity/voluntary sector.

Her business-based programmes focus on leadership coaching, implementing change and team building as well as working as a consultant to facilitate strategic planning and implementation. 

Her private practice as a coach and therapist has a focus on personal growth work and grief recovery. Her personal development programmes focus on career and mid-life transition and addressing the physical and emotional challenges that prevent growth. She is also an Accredited Journey Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

Becca Timmins photo.jpg

Becca is a Time to Think Consultant, Coach and Facilitator, and also an Operations Director in Financial Services. Having seen the Thinking Environment have such a profound effect on her personally, and in her organisation, she started her own consultancy and coaching practice in 2019.

Becca applies the Thinking Environment  approach as a consultant in group meetings and development sessions with organisations, as well as one to one coaching.  The Time to Think approach can be applied to any interaction, including Enneagram work, creating the time, space and safety for individuals to truly think for themselves about whatever is in front of them.  


Robert Hutchinson

Robert Hutchinson is an Enneagram-based personal and professional development coach and Founding Director of the Authentic Life Company.


Robert supports leaders and senior professionals on a transformative journey of self-discovery by combining coaching and consulting with a unique blend of modern science and timeless human wisdom. He has spent the last 20 years researching and studying self-awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, Eastern philosophies, and the Western science behind effective personal development.


Robert holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics and Music from Cardiff University, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching from the University of Chester. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the ICF, an accredited practitioner with iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Robert is also Co-Founder of The Gay Happiness Project, and a Board Member of Trees for Bermondsey.

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