Our Code of Ethics

Purpose of Enneagram Alive


The purpose of Enneagram Alive is to build a network of people who take care how the Enneagram is transmitted and used. The Enneagram is a profound system for understanding human nature, it is important that those who use the system with others do so in an ethical manner.


The Enneagram is not trademarked, so anyone can use it for their own benefit or with others. The transmission of the Enneagram is not limited to teachers and coaches. It can be used by people from a variety of backgrounds; educators, business consultants, artists, therapists, spiritual directors, and medical professionals, all of whom use it in an increasing range of contexts and applications.


Any practitioner who would like to be part of the Enneagram Alive Community and be promoted on the website must sign and adhere to this code of ethics.

Ethical guidelines within the Enneagram community

Below are the Ethical Guidelines which make the basis of ethical Enneagram work with participants, whether in groups or individually.


Many practitioners make these statements the basis of contracting discussions at the beginning of workshops or 1:1 work. In doing so, they ask participants to sign up to these principles, and it therefore follows that all people who use the Enneagram with others (as facilitators, coaches, counsellors etc) should also sign up to them.


  • We commit to mindful conversation, as best we can, knowing Enneagram work goes deep. It touches our core identity and vulnerability as well as our strengths.

  • The decision about which Type we have is ours alone. We may take advice, but no one else can determine our Type for us.

  • If we talk about others’ Type we do so tentatively, in the spirit of humble inquiry.

  • We are more than our Type and we acknowledge the fuller richness of each person’s identity.

  • The Enneagram is ancient wisdom yet an emerging field, so we tread gently and with respect. 

  • We talk about ideas, not individuals and name our sources.

  • We are welcoming and open-minded, appreciating there are many pathways, perspectives and opinions.

  • Active use of Conversation Café Agreements and these Ethical Guidelines guides and helps us in all this.

Conversation Café Agreements
  • Open-mindedness: listen to and respect all points of view

  • Acceptance: suspend judgment as best you can

  • Curiosity: seek to understand rather than persuade

  • Discovery: question old assumptions, look for new insights

  • Sincerity: speak for yourself about what has personal heart and meaning

  • Brevity: go for honesty and depth but don’t go on and on

  • Confidentiality (personal stuff) what’s said in the room stays in the room…

Code of Ethics for those who use the Enneagram with others

(i.e. facilitators, coaches and counsellors)

The Enneagram is a powerful and complex system that addresses human functioning and growth. As such, it is essential that every person who benefits financially from teaching or working with the Enneagram has a thorough knowledge of the system. And just as Enneagram practitioners should have a high level of knowledge of the Enneagram system, they should only teach Enneagram applications within their areas of expertise.


Below are the key points of ethics that we ask all facilitators who are members of Enneagram Alive, to sign up to. For those who are thinking of buying services from an Enneagram Provider (facilitator, coach, counsellor etc) it is reasonable to expect them openly to adhere to these standards.


  1. I will strive to maintain the highest levels of competence in my work.

  2. I recognise the need for ongoing continuous professional development (CPD) in order to remain professionally competent; and I will undertake regular CPD to ensure competence in my professional activities

  3. I commit to continue with my own inner work by undertaking regular self-inquiry and self-development in the service of growth.

  4. I will seek to promote integrity in the study, teaching, practice and development of the Enneagram.

  5. I will show respect for and open-mindedness toward the views of others.

  6. I will strive to present my ideas in a way that is understandable to and appropriate for my audience

  7. I will remain open to feedback from clients or participants regarding my content and style of delivery.

  8. I will conduct myself in a manner that brings respect and honour to the Enneagram.

  9. If using the Enneagram as a consultant, therapist, teacher, spiritual director, or healer, I will adhere to the standards of my field in my relationships with my clients and students.

  10. I will recognise and acknowledge the limitations of my expertise by referring clients beyond my competence on to appropriate individuals or agencies.

  11. I will show the utmost respect for the rights of privacy of others. I will not violate the confidentiality of clients or students, except where I am required to legally, or where the client/student is at considerable risk to themselves or others.

  12. I will make only such statements and claims in representing my services that are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  13. I will not make any statement or claim that gives false information about the services of competitors.

  14. I will not enter into inappropriate personal or business relationships with my clients or students (such as those marked by a significant difference in power such as by age, control of income or other forms of influence by the professional over the client or student’s personal or work life).

Enneagram Alive is a volunteer-run, non-profit, membership organisation. All Enneagram facilitators/coaches/counsellors recognise and acknowledge this and agree that Enneagram Alive is not liable for any alleged harm or injury, financial or otherwise, that might result from any violation or alleged violation of this Code of Ethics by any individual, or (2) any alleged action or failure to act on the part of Enneagram Alive in response to a claimed violation of this policy.