Whatever your starting point, if you’re curious about The Enneagram, there’s something here for you.


It’s a wide-ranging agenda! Not least because we believe that in wanting The Enneagram to help friends, family members or clients we have to be doing our own inner work. 

So you’ll find 4 themes running in parallel where you can follow your own interests.


With a relaxed and friendly feel, part conference, part festival, The EnneaFest brings rich content alongside opportunities to meet, connect, share ideas, gain insight, have fun.

Coaching, corporate leadership & development

Discover how the Enneagram is being used ‘in action’ by a growing number of organisations and businesses, coaches and consultants, to benefit individuals and teams and stimulate whole-system change.


The Enneagram is a goldmine, as a resource for coaches and consultants.  Hear from coaches and consultants using the Enneagram in a wide range of settings.  Hear clients’ extraordinary stories.  Talk to them about how this work has touched them personally and benefitted their organisations. Gain insight and practical tips alongside the opportunity to experience different approaches and to practice new skills

social reform including prisons

We cannot change what we cannot see. The Enneagram Prison Project is on a mission to inspire transformation on both sides of the bars.


Hear from the founders of the EPP in the USA and UK how the Enneagram is starting to bring about social reform by teaching self-awareness, self-management, and self-compassion.

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creative arts, innovation & technology

Discover how the Enneagram is being used to help people tap into their unique qualities and gifts.  Try it out for yourself! Allow your own life force, talent, ideas and skills to expand as workshop leaders challenge the norm, introducing new ways to grow your creativity.


Experience somatic practices - dance, music, other bodywork - centred in the Enneagram -  to help you listen to your body and hear the messages your inner self is sending you. When we honour our inner wisdom, magical things happen.  We can gain insight, physical release and find positive life change is already taking place. 

relationships, personal & spiritual development

Learn first-hand from experienced, professional coaches and counsellors how they apply the principles of the Enneagram in one-to-one personal and relationship work.  


How does the Enneagram help people better understand themselves and one another, thereby leading to loving better and living more fully?


We see The Enneagram as a unique resource for personal and spiritual growth and ask; “What does it mean to journey with the Enneagram?”  Explore in a 3-centred way [mind, body, spirit] and share experience. Be inspired. Take away ideas and practices to try out for yourself.