Join us if .....

You’ve just discovered the Enneagram or you’ve been using it for years.


You know the Enneagram changes things. It helps personally, in relationships, teams and more.

You may already be using it socially or professionally and you sense that the Enneagram can bring so much more.


Our key theme

"The Enneagram in Action” 

opens the inquiry:

“What can we DO with the Enneagram?”

Our Themes


With a relaxed and friendly feel, part conference, part festival, the EnneaFest brings a rich mix of speakers, workshops and open space plus opportunities to meet, connect, share ideas, gain insight, have fun!

EnneaFest 2022 is for people in different walks of life to explore questions such as:

What’s the Enneagram’s potential -  personally, professionally, socially, spiritually ?

What's my next step?

How can we get creative with the Enneagram?