Workshops & Keynotes

EnneaFest 2022 will have professional teachers, contributors and cutting edge presenters from the global Enneagram community. The contributors will be bringing you a range of workshops to choose from, experiential and more traditional, spread across two days.

Find out more about the contributors below:


Keynote 1:  The Enneagram in Leadership and Life

Martin Salzwedel (D)

What will we do with new-found freedom post-pandemic??


We find ourselves in a changed world: in our communities, organisations, our social and personal lives.  Choice matters. It’s where the power is.  It brings both opportunity and accountability. Conscious choice is at the heart of leadership and being ‘awake’ as active co-creators in our own lives.


Never has the ground on which we stand, individually and collectively, felt so uncertain. In a world rocked by COVID-19, the leadership challenges are immense. We’ve all faced unprecedented change, practically and emotionally. There’s been huge loss and grief, on many levels. For some, new challenges and new opportunities too.  So what can we do when sometimes we feel overwhelmed, helpless in the face of so much? How can we respond?


Conscious choice increases options, thus our freedom.  A conductor works with all the resources available: the score, its composer, the musicians, their presence, their instruments, the instrument-makers, the immediate surroundings, the space, the weather, the season, the audience. All their stories are being told at the same time. Good conductors make conscious choice moment by moment. They synchronise the collaboration – where it doesn’t happen of its own accord – and create the overall meaning. In this way orchestral conductors help create the best possible music, live in the moment and unique to the occasion.


As leaders in life, in families, communities and organisations, we must rise to this same challenge. Martin will delight and challenge with his unique take on how the Enneagram can help us do just that.  The ancient Enneagram symbol is a map of multi-layered interconnection, synchronisation and integration. It is also a vital resource for leadership and life in the 21st century.


Keynote 2: The Enneagram Prison Project

Susan Olesek (USA) and UK EPP Team

The world is changing rapidly and for the first time in our lives, many of us are encountering what it means to be in “lockdown,” a well-known experience endured for years by thousands of our EPP students in prison.


Compounding this, we are also now facing a heightened understanding of the systemic racism that has been oppressing black, indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) for generations. Never before has there been a more conducive climate in which to ask ourselves: How do we value freedom? 


Susan Olesek shares the Prison Project’s remarkable progress. Hear her personal story and that of former prison inmates whose lives have been turned around.  Witness the power of an Enneagram programme that combines self-awareness and self-management training with somatic practice and mindfulness.


The UK Prison Project is underway. Hear progress so far and future plans.  Meet those who’ve trained as ‘Guides’ to take the work into prisons here.  What’s involved? How might you contribute?  Could this approach work with other marginalised communities? And help us spread the word in our own circles?

* Due to global travel restrictions, this session may stream live or be in recorded format




Workshop 1: The Enneagram’s Life-giving Qualities

Sue Braithwaite (UK)

Could you, this year, commit to cultivating generosity, courage, compassion, kindness, creativity, patience, integrity, love, joy, honesty, playfulness… or many other life-giving qualities?  How can we each deepen our sensitivity to the presence of the Enneagram’s higher qualities in ourselves and those around us?  And hold them in the heart of our relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and families?  With Sue’s help, discover an appreciative and down to earth approach to an Enneagram-inspired life.


Workshop 2: Relationship as a Spiritual Journey

Rosemary Cowan (UK)

At the beginning of a relationship, when we fall in love, we are in the Garden of Eden: it’s so wonderful, everything looks different – colours are brighter and the whole world seems to be smiling.



Around eighteen months to three years later, we find ourselves looking at our partner and wondering who on earth they really are and how come we are with them?  This workshop will explore the very good reasons why we chose that person and how they (and our reactions to them) show us the path to spiritual growth.


Falling in love is universal - as is falling out of love. This workshop will provide insight into what is going on at an unconscious level and investigate the common belief that ‘there’s a perfect person out there who’s meant for me’, plus the extent to which this is true, but maybe not in the way you think. This insight re-frames intimate relationships giving a greater understanding of what it really means to fall in love.


Workshop 3: Changing Lives - in Leadership & Living Room

Helen English (UK)

The very concept of ‘workplace’ has changed beyond recognition with boundaries blurring – for better or worse. This is bringing new demands for suppliers, customers, individuals, managers and leaders everywhere. More than ever before, employers are struggling to retain staff, to handle expectations of flexibility, to manage performance, to avoid fallouts, to motivate and care for people.  To hit tough business targets in challenging market and economic conditions while accommodating blended working patterns and preferences.

We’ll case study contrasting examples of the Enneagram in action as a resource to help meet the challenge.  Discover how the Enneagram has been changing lives - and impacting business too - in different settings. Changes in self-awareness and perception can have far-reaching ripple-effects… that indeed extend from work-life to home and family-life, from boardroom to bedroom.


Helen English will host the session with colleagues and guest client speakers who share their experience and the impact of this work; personally, with colleagues, teams, organisationally and beyond.  Client organisations and guest speakers will be taking part from several different sectors, including leaders from one or more multi-national and by contrast, a small, high-turnover family business.  There will be ample opportunity for group work, questions and hands-on inquiry.  This may not be your field of work, but as an Enneagram enthusiast this session will intrigue and inspire


Workshop 4: Next Steps

Liz West (UK)

A practical workshop that asks ‘now we know the Enneagram, what are our next steps, as we take the inner journey of learning to live more consciously?’.  What changes are we looking for? And what might help us on this pathway?  Liz will facilitate conversations on the struggles we’re facing and how to loosen the hold of our type structure in the moment.


A practical workshop that may hold keys for your transformational journey.  Maybe you would like to be more balanced in your access to rational, experiential and feeling centres? Perhaps you are struggling with self–referencing or other-referencing - or finding your non-defended self? What are your next steps? What helps us along this pathway? 


We will discover what resources are helpful and how we become resilient as we slowly but surely grow in awareness and our response in the moment.


Liz will facilitate an hour on the practical use of the Enneagram on our inner journey towards living consciously. In the first part of the workshop we will focus on our expected outcomes of this journey.  It is not about arriving at the final destination, but we are all influenced by our hopes and expectations of what is ahead as we use the knowledge of the Enneagram for personal growth. We will then reflect on what becomes possible for us as we grow in awareness and knowledge of how to loosen the hold of our type structure in the moment. Come and share what you have learnt that helps and hear from others how they are going about it. 

Workshop 5: Come ALIVE with the Enneagram!

Zitta de Fries (DK)


This lively, playful workshop that will help you experience and embody Enneagram energies like never before!


Zitta will demonstrate how, using the Enneagram, professional actors and dancers have benefited from this work.


Using movement, dance and acting techniques, this workshop is designed to show you how you can experience the sensation of the nine types within your own body. As an eminent choreographer and theatre director, Zitta helps actors to build their body language by getting to the heart of what makes a character tick.  It helps actors adopt their character’s feelings and thoughts, whilst ensuring their own feelings and thoughts don’t get in the way! Here, the Enneagram is wonderful in helping dissociate the actor from the role.

By giving you the opportunity to work with the nine types as an actor during this workshop, you come away with a clearer understanding and stronger embodied knowing of them all. It’s a unique experience.


Workshop 6: The Enneagram’s Ancient Origins

Teresa Daniels (UK)

Uplifted by her recent Egyptian pilgrimage with Enneagram master Russ Hudson, Teresa will share photos, stories and learning. She’ll draw on her own long-term study of the Desert Fathers alongside more recent insights. On the trip of a lifetime, through sacred sites, mystical temples and desert pathways in an ancient land. What may we uncover of the Enneagram symbol and its origins, so often described as “lost in antiquity”?


Workshop 7: Compare and Contrast - The Enneagram
in different Organisational Settings

Colette Luscomb (USA) and Angela Scott (UK)


While the Enneagram is often primarily associated with  personal and spiritual development, its benefits to organisations have become increasingly clear.


In this workshop, Colette and Angela will demonstrate its potential via a dialogue in which they share the fundamental similarities and differences in the way they apply the Enneagram of Personality within their very different client bases for leadership, team and organisational development. Take the time to delve deeper into some more challenging settings in which they both work and listen to them share some of their "Aha" moments in understanding the dynamics - good and bad - within teams that are help or hinder organsiations in developing a competitive edge. 


Workshop 8: The Enneagram, Music and Leadership

Martin Salzwedel (D)

Leaders need to develop an awareness of their body language and be as natural as possible. This can be done by learning to align their  leadership role with their personal values.


LEADERSHIP BY MUSIC demonstrates how leaders can practice and achieve natural, authentic behaviour – an essential element of leadership since body language is always honest and can’t be faked. This workshop focuses on using non-verbal communication to recognise Enneagram styles and their different strategies in specific leadership tasks. A mix of video and music examples of leadership exercises with the orchestra will be used to demonstrate possibilities of how music can be an integral part of leadership development and coaching.


Participants can experiment with some of conducting exercises with Martin playing the cello, giving them the opportunity to connect with their own body language and personality with immediate feedback in sound – not words!


Workshop 9: Journeying with the Enneagram

Heather Brown (UK) and Therese Ryan (Eire)

The Enneagram can be used in many ways as a map for our development journey.


Subtitled ‘Sitting in the Gap – Transformational Journeying with The Enneagram’, this workshop introduces typical stages of an Enneagram development path. Try out different methods, including somatic practices to support you in your own journey. You’ll discover through experience how these may help you move forward, whatever your current circumstances.

In this workshop we will talk about some typical stages of Enneagram development journeys. We will then experience a key somatic practice (Focusing), which enables you to listen to your body in a gentle, accepting way and hear the messages that your inner self is sending you. Honouring the wisdom you have inside you results in physical release, insight and positive life change.

Using Focusing, you understand yourself better, feel better and free yourself up to move forward on your development journey. In the 1960s and early 1970s, Eugene Gendlin developed this practice, based on his discovery that clients in psychotherapy had better outcomes when they took time and space to reflect on and Focus with their own inner sense of an issue. The Focusing Process is an empathic and compassionate way of being with oneself, one’s feelings and needs. When we Focus, we listen to something inside of us that wants to communicate with us. Tapping into this body knowing allows us to be open to the depth and richness of our whole self.

In this workshop you will learn about and discuss some key stages in Enneagram journeys, and identify which stage resonates most for you at this time and to use  guided Focusing exercises to tune in to the “felt sense” of what’s going on for you right now.

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Interest Corners

Our conference venue provides a generous open plan area, perfect for combining a drinks reception with discussion groups on emerging themes. We’ve named these ‘Interest Corners’, which will operate ‘Open Space’ style, so people can vote with their feet and move around freely.


Hopefully, with a bar and people also milling and chatting.  The formula was a great success at our last EnneaFest and we’re hoping to repeat it.



On-the-day Interest Corners


These will be decided when the time comes, in response to requests; “I want to hear more about how you built this Enneagram community…  etc”

Pre-planned Interest Corners


These include Becca Timmins Interest Corner A and Robert Hutchinson's Interest Corner B: see below.

If you would like to host an Interest Corner yourself, please contact us.


Interest Corner A: Integrating the Enneagram and "Time to Think"

Becca Timmins


Becca is a Thinking Environment Consultant who uses this approach in group meetings and development sessions with organisations, as well as one to one coaching.  The Time to Think approach can be applied to any interaction, including Enneagram work, creating the time, space and safety for individuals to truly think for themselves about whatever is in front of them.  

Becca Timmins photo.jpg

Interest Corner B: The Role of the Practitioner in the Typing Process


Leading Enneagram teacher Russ Hudson estimates that as many as 50% of people he meets are mis-typed. In this Interest Corner Robert Hutchinson and Teresa Daniels will explore relative benefits of using dialogue versus assessment, and the role of the practitioner as the ‘reconciling force’ in the typing process.

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